How Journaling Can Help You To Achieve Your Goals (Includes Free Journal)

Achieve Your Goals Journal Free Printable

Do you have certain goals you want to achieve? You don’t need to wait for the beginning of a new year to start setting goals. Perhaps you have goals you want to achieve this month or this quarter. One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to start a goal-focused journal. We will discuss why this works and you even get to download a free printable goals journal.

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The reason journaling can help you achieve your goals is because it will force you to think about them and consider the why and how. A journal will make you delve deeper into the situation so that you can examine all sides of it. If you’ve ever struggled to achieve any of your goals in the past then you really must try this approach.

It Forces You to Write Down Your Goals

When you start a journal, it’s basically a way to force yourself to document your goals. Whether you write them down on paper or you use technology to get it all down doesn’t matter. Once they’re written, they are ready to tackle. You can visually refer to them because they are recorded.

It Makes You Consider Why and How

As you record the goal into your journal, you’ll be forced to face the why and how of each goal. This is especially true if you write down a goal and focus on it in your journal. The process of handwriting can help you cement the concept in your mind. It makes you stop and think about it in a different way. You’ll think of more ideas associated with the goal and you’ll want to write more.

It Enables You to Examine the Opportunities and Threats

When you are focused on goal making in your journal, you’ll also explore opportunities and threats coming your way due to your goals. It helps you avoid roadblocks in advance. If you can anticipate these obstacles you can often minimize them or avoid them altogether.

It Makes You Develop Steps for Success Based on Your Goals

When you see it written down, you’ll want to notice and pull out any steps you’ve developed in your journal and put them in your calendar for scheduling. If you can develop a day-to-day plan for these steps it makes it much easier to reach completion.

It Helps You Improve Goal Setting and Achievement

Each time you intentionally set goals, define steps to achieve the goals, and perform them, you are setting yourself up for being able to improve your skills. You are building on your goal achieving ability and this can be applied in all sorts of different ways. Whether it’s in your family life, your work life or a hobby or interest, you will learn to define your goals and carry them out better than your ever did previously.

It Provides Accountability

Even if no one else is reading your journal, a private journal can help you become accountable to yourself. If you develop the habit of looking at your journal each day and put something else in there each day, it’ll work great for helping you become more accountable. You can look back on how far you come during the week to achieve your goal. You may prefer to look at a month at a time or even a quarter at a time. By being accountable you can’t “cheat”. You’ll know exactly where you are in your progress in whichever time frame you need to refer back to.

It Provides a Permanent Record

Having a permanent record of the things you’ve done in your life, whether it’s personal or work, is a beautiful thing. Hardly anyone has a perfect memory, so you’ll maintain the lessons learned better with the record to look back at. You may want to use these lessons in your business if you are coaching people, blogging, teaching courses or any other area where it would be useful to learn from your experience. Your goals journal can provide you with content for your future work.

It May Be Inspirational

Depending on the journal, you might even be able to take the information inside and compile it into a real book for others to read to inspire them. You could take extracts directly from your journal entries and use them to inspire. You might also take from it steps for your success for a project and turn it into a course to inspire someone else. Whether you use the entire journal or just a small part of it could be a huge inspiration for others.

Journaling is an excellent way to work toward achieving all your goals. It will even help you make better goals because the process of entering facts in your journal will cause you to see them in a more logical way that is more useful. Journaling therefore helps you achieve the goals you already have as well as helping you to better define your future goals. Don’t struggle another month with not achieving your goals, download the free goals journal and see what a difference it makes in your life starting today.

What can I use this free goals journal for?

This journal is topic-neutral so you can use it for any goals you want to achieve. You can use it for

  • losing weight,
  • starting a new business,
  • looking for a job,
  • creating a new blog,
  • undertaking a DIY project and so much more.

The sky’s the limit! There is a page for every day of the year. There’s also an extra page at the beginning of each month to set out your monthly goals clearly. Because this is a digital download you get to choose how much of it you want to print. You can print out the entire journal for the full year or you can choose to just print one month at a time. It’s flexible and entirely up to you.

Best of luck for your goal achieving journey.

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Sample pages from the journal…

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Achieve Your Goals Free Printable Journal


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