5 Anti-Aging Herbs to Add to Your Family Meals Today

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Do you grow herbs in your garden or in containers? Or do you prefer to buy fresh or dried herbs from your local store or market? I do both but my preferred option is growing them in containers. There’s something special about being able to go and pick whatever herbs I need and they’re readily available for me. I prefer them fresh and I love knowing that I can use anti-aging herbs as a natural choice.

One of the natural remedies available for anti-aging is to use herbs. Herbs help with so many things, from easing inflammation to reducing chronic pain. There are also certain herbs that are ideal if you want to slow down or reduce the signs of aging. Take a look at these helpful and youthful herbs.

Grow at Home Anti-Aging Herb – Sage

Anti aging herbs sageSage is a common herb that people use for many different types of things, from cooking and preparing meals, to using it in natural healing remedies. I love using it in our family meals, especially with chicken recipes.

This powerful herb can also help with your anti-aging woes since it helps to reduce inflammation.

With extra inflammation in the body, it often leads you to aging faster than what is natural.

In order to reduce inflammation naturally, introduce sage into your daily regimen.

Sage can be used easily in cooking with meat, chicken or vegetables.

I have always found sage easy to grow in containers outside. Some people even grow sage inside.

I really like this idea since you not only benefit from eating the fresh herb but you also get the pleasure of seeing it in your home everyday.

Ever-Popular Ginseng

Next up is ginseng, which is something many people are familiar with. This is not typically an herb you grow in your garden but it is still one of the great anti-aging herbs.

You can use it as a supplement or dried herb you find at the drugstore and natural health stores.

Ginseng was once called the Fountain of Youth, since it is so amazing for helping to restore your sexual energy, help with loose skin, and tighten your muscles.

Refreshing Anti-Aging Herb, Peppermint

This is an herb that is really great because it is easy to grow yourself indoors or outdoors, and it can help with your health as it is regarded as one of the anti-aging herbs.

For aging, the antioxidants in peppermints are what is going to help the most. These can help with a number of different age-related conditions, along with heart diseases and even reducing your risk for cancer. In addition, peppermint herb is going to help with your digestion.

You can easily make a peppermint tea by pouring hot water over the crushed leaves for a refreshing beverage.

The Ultimate Non-Herb, Turmeric

While technically a spice, turmeric should be on the list of one of the best herbs and spices for anti-aging.

This natural miracle also helps with inflammation in your body and skin, which can reduce puffiness and tighten up your skin, leading to less lines and wrinkles. Plus, it tastes great so it is easy to add to your meals.

You can try making a Turmeric Latte. Heat your milk of choice (almond milk is popular for this recipe) and mix in turmeric, a dash of black pepper, honey, ginger and cinnamon. You can vary the ingredients to suit your taste. It can take a little getting used to but I rather like the taste. You can always increase the honey or cinnamon flavor if that is what you like.

Easy Grow at Home and Use in Everything, Oregano

If you want to grow simple herbs at home that you can use for cooking, but are also anti-aging herbs with healing properties, oregano should be on your list.

This is another herb with antioxidant properties, so it is going to help with natural cell growth and remove free radicals from your body that lead to premature aging. It also happens to be anti-fungal, so it can help prevent or get rid of various bacterial infections.

When you have oregano on hand you can use it with so many recipes. Almost all Italian foods taste good with oregano.

At our place we put lots of oregano on homemade pizzas, we sprinkle it onto pasta and it goes with lots of meat recipes. Sometimes if I’m just cooking a simple one-pot meal for the kids’ dinner I throw in some oregano when there’s no other strong flavor. Oregano is always tasty when your cooking a tomato based meal.

Whether you’re eating anti-aging herbs from your garden or as the dried variety, you’ll really enjoy adding herbs to your meals. Knowing that all those healthy properties are going to work for you in the fight against aging will keep you wanting more. Keep adding a variety of herbs to your food to not only keep it interesting but to help you get a range of different benefits.

What if I don’t have a garden?

Sure you don’t have to grow herbs to appreciate them. But it does make a difference. If you don’t have a yard you can still grow fresh herbs easily on a balcony or window sill. When I lived in an apartment I crowded the balcony with so many herbs in containers that I had more than I could eat. I was able to give bucket loads to friends.

And these days you can even grow your herbs indoors with a little help. Using a smart garden indoors you can grow herbs with a built-in light, a self-watering system and seed “pods”.

This is such a great idea for people without a garden. And if you want to grow herbs all year round, you can do it indoors and not worry about the weather in colder months. Simply grow your herbs on your kitchen counter.

To have fresh anti-aging herbs all year long get yourself a smart garden. And remember, these make the perfect gift for just about anyone. They are so easy to use you don’t need a green thumb to get great results.

And if you need a new project for the kids this is educational and fun. When the weather turns cold and they’re stuck inside you can still plant herbs and watch them grow into healthy plants. Such a fun and useful idea.

Start using herbs today for anti-aging and so much more.


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