Best STEM Toy in 2019 for Kids Aged 7 to 12 years – Artie 3000 Robot

Artie 3000 STEM toy

Need to buy a gift for a child aged 7 to 12 years? The Artie 3000 Robot is the latest STEM toy in 2019. It’s educational and loads of fun. You’ll love that they’re learning and your kids will love playing with this robot. This toy is the perfect gift when you want more than just a toy. It’s helping kids learn skills for their future. Let’s take a look at the details…

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What is Artie 3000?

This is a coding, drawing robot. Kids learn while enjoying the programmable Artie 3000™. You’ll see creativity and coding come together in one of the best STEM toys to hit the market in 2019.

What do you get with this STEM toy for 7 to 12 year old kids?

The Artie 3000™ coding and drawing robot arrives already pre-programmed with entertaining games, designs and shapes. Create your own designs by writing code to program the Artie 3000™ to draw your patterns and shapes.

Programming the Artie 3000™ encourages children to learn and is very easy to code and great fun to be creative with.

There are a selection of how-to videos and support online to learn everything about what can be created with the Artie 3000 coding and drawing robot.

What if my child can’t code already?

This robot works well with beginners. The STEAM and STEM approved fun of the Artie 3000™ is a great introduction to the basics of coding.

Coding the Artie 3000 robot begins with the Artie 3000 drag and drop visual programming interface which will run on your Mac, PC or tablet.

Further coding education can be accessed through additional browser based languages including Remote Control, Point & Click, Python, Javascript and Blockly. There really is something for everyone.

Why is the Artie 3000 good for kids?

The Artie 3000™ is both educational and creative. You get to engage in both coding and drawing with this toy.

Development of left-brain and right-brain skills are encouraged by learning with this STEM toy.

This coding and drawing robot stimulates the imagination and encourages creativity whilst developing logical and analytical skills.

Not only are these great for kids, but they are life-long skills to encourage.

Children will love playing with new designs and will naturally develop the creative right-brain skills of imagination, expression and creativity through patterns and drawing.

Controlling the easy-to-use technology of this STEM toy intuitively encourages left-brain skills of maths, geometry and basic programming.

How do you use this STEM toy?

It’s easy to get started.

  • Connect the robot with your home wifi network using Mac, PC or tablet
  • Use the Artie 3000 interface to simply drag and drop segments of code into the app’s command area. Program the toy to move forwards or backwards, to turn right and left, and to engage or disengage the pens for drawing.
  • The interface includes a drawing simulator where you can test your code before letting Artie loose on a sheet of paper to draw the design from your code.
  • Learn more about coding and drawing with the Artie 3000 from videos at the CodeWithArtie website. Authenticated

The Artie 3000 coding and drawing robot is authenticated. Authentication guarantees that the Artie meets the high standards set by for goods and services. The Artie 3000 carries the trust mark, ensuring that parents know that this robot will:

  • integrate into STEM classrooms and programs
  • meet STEM standards (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
  • encourage development of 21st Century Skills in kids
  • encourage engagement by collaboration and hands-on learning
  • pass a third-party unbiased evaluation and review

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All the details

  • this is a programmable robot which draws designs from your code
  • a wifi-enabled coding and drawing robot – code with drag and drop visual programming software; draw with 4, easily replaced, coloured markers; and quick-start guide
  • pre-programmed with shapes, games and designs, and you can also create your own custom designs by writing your own code
  • authenticated
  • accompanied by activity cards and a multilingual quick-start guide
  • recommended for children of ages 7 – 12 years
  • 7 x 5 x 8 inches
  • battery operated and requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

How to take the Artie 3000 further?

Once your child masters the interface and develops their skills to make creative designs you can encourage them to do more.

Why not ask your child to create a design they can use on a birthday card for Daddy or Mommy?

Perhaps they could build a vision board with the designs they create using the robot. Your child can put their creations together to make the vision board along with other design elements. Perhaps photos or other pictures could be included.

Once you give your child a challenge on what they can use their Artie designs for, their imagination is the limit.

Can it be a family activity?

This could even become a fun family activity. Kids love to get the whole family involved. Whether you engage in the coding and drawing yourself or set a challenge for your child to participate in, this is a great way to get everyone involved.

You could even give different family members different tasks to complete on a larger project like a family vision board. One person sets the challenge by writing it down, another person codes and draws using the robot, another takes the designs and collates them on the board along with photos of the family, and another sticks them on.

And remember, if you have more than one child in your family, your younger kids will learn coding from an early age from older kids if they are using the robot. Younger children love to see what older siblings are doing and this means they learn by absorbing what’s going on in your home.

This encourages learning coding without even trying. They will pick it up in a shorter time if they want to do it because their older brother or sister is seen doing it. Coding can be lots of fun for all ages and the younger you start the easier it is.

This also makes a great gift for two or more kids in the same family. It is fun to use and they can work together to create designs and learn how to use the code to make it happen.

Have fun with the Artie 3000™. Your kids will love this STEM toy and you will too!

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