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If you’re suffering from sleepless nights, you may need a new mattress. But not just any mattress. You need to consider getting the most natural, non-toxic, organic mattress you can find. Toxic chemicals from mattresses cause a range of health problems and they may be contributing to your insomnia. To sleep better you need the best latex mattress that is 100% natural and I’ll explain why it can help you.

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Did you know that many mattresses continue releasing toxic chemicals into our bedrooms long after the VOCs stop producing formaldehyde and other toxic fumes. This is because flame retardants are used in polyurethane based foams and furniture fabrics. And along with glues they can keep releasing toxic chemicals for years.  They usually don’t even have to be declared on the product. By finding the best non-toxic mattress that is all natural you can tackle insomnia and avoid health problems.

🌟 Sleep on Latex: 100% Natural Latex Mattress

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So, what is the best latex mattress? This mattress from Sleep on Latex fits the bill. It is 100% natural latex foam, with an organic cotton fabric cover filled with organic wool.

Importantly, this mattress uses 100% natural latex. If a mattress does not state that it is 100% natural latex then the foam is usually made from synthetic latex which is quite different to natural latex.

🌟 Difference Between 100% Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is produced from petrochemical substances. Whereas 100% natural latex is produced from a natural substance tapped from rubber trees. If you’re a mommy and you’re looking to improve your sleep (aren’t we all?!) you’ll want to find the best latex mattress that’s all natural.

Importantly, if the mattress does not state that it is 100% natural latex it could contain fillers and synthetic latex in the foam in addition to natural latex so you need to be careful of the wording used.

You’ll love this mattress from Sleep on Latex because it not only uses 100% natural latex foam but it is also covered in organic natural materials. One of the advantages of having the organic wool in the cover is that it acts as a natural fire retardant.

🌟 Natural Mattress Without Fire Retardant

100% Pure Linen Sheets go well with your natural latex mattress. They provide cooler sleep.

Fire retardant chemicals are a serious problem for your health and they are in many mattresses.

Both inner-spring mattresses as well as synthetic foam mattresses contain fire retardants. The toxic chemicals from fire retardants are not only present in new mattresses.

They leach out of old mattresses as the foam ages and breaks down. These toxins can affect your bedroom and your health for years.

Flame retardant chemicals have been linked to lots of health issues. From being carcinogenic as well as endocrine disrupting, they have lots of negative effects. These toxins have also been associated with lower IQ, poor attention and poor motor coordination.

Studies have found that children and in utero babies who were exposed to certain fire retardants score lower on mental and physical development tests between the ages of 1 and 6 years.  These toxic chemicals have been linked to a negative impact on children’s neuro-development.

And let’s face it, since we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping no one, adult or child, should be exposed to these toxic chemicals for all these hours. We know they are bad for us and we can do something about it. That’s why it’s so important to find the best latex mattress for yourself and your family.

🌟 Why Should I Choose the Best Non-Toxic Mattress?

As well as all those hours you spend in bed, it is significant that you also have your body and face very close to the mattress during that time. You are getting cumulative exposure to any fumes, gases or toxins that are contained in your mattress. This is why you need the best latex mattress to replace your current toxic one.

Your sleep is so important because it affects so many other aspects of your health. If you want to find out what happens to your brain when you’re sleep deprived, read more here. And if you’re interested in what a lack of sleep does to your body, you should take a look here.

Sleep deprivation as well as the health problems from toxic chemicals have an impact on your short and long term health. By choosing the best latex mattress as a natural, non-toxic and organic mattress, you are taking responsibility for your own health.

We have become very aware of how to eat healthy and which supplements can assist us to be healthier and stronger but sleep is often overlooked. By taking your sleeping requirements seriously you can make a big difference to your overall well-being. It’s worth getting the best latex mattress to start improving your health today.

🌟 Best Eco-Friendly Green Mattress

100% natural latex comes from rubber trees. The trees are not logged or cut down in any way.

This is an environmentally friendly process whereby the natural latex (a white substance which is actually NOT the sap of the tree) is collected in little cups at a lower part on the tree. These rubber trees can be tapped for their white liquid latex for 30 to 40 years.

The natural latex substance is then molded into the mattress shape.

🌟 Is a Natural Latex Mattress Hot to Sleep On?

The Sleep on Latex 100% Natural Latex Mattress includes tiny air chambers within the mattress structure. This is to encourage air flow.

The organic cotton and wool used in the cover are breathable materials which also encourage air flow.

To help keep your bed cool you should only use natural bedding. Cotton, bamboo or linen fabrics are good for sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. A lot of bedding is made from polycotton fabric. You therefore need to be careful you read the description properly because “cotton rich” or “cotton blend” will usually be polyester and cotton fabric.

If you suffer sleep deprivation because you’re hot and sweaty at night and this keep you up then you should seriously consider pure linen sheets and pillowcases.

Linen is an expensive bedding fabric but lots of people swear by it to limit their night sweats.

Once again you’ll need to read the description carefully because “linen blend”, “linen rich” or “sheets set linen” will usually mean a mix with other threads like polyester, cotton or rayon. Some sheets sets will even use the word “linen” as a generic description for “bedding” or to describe the color as “linen”.

🌟 Firm, Medium or Soft Natural Latex Mattress?

✅   Images shown above are links to Firm, Medium, Soft mattress from Left to Right. Click on each image to see the price and all the sizes available in each firmness.

Everyone likes a different level of softness for their bed. When you’re choosing the best latex mattress you also need to choose the best softness/firmness. Usually the rule of thumb is that if you’re a side sleeper you need a soft mattress, if you’re a back sleeper you’ll want medium and if you sleep on your stomach you’ll want firm. Of course, in reality it varies according to personal preference.

A lot of people choose a medium mattress because let’s face it, habits change. Perhaps you sleep on your side now but something changes like a shoulder or hip injury and you start to sleep on your back. There are so many scenarios like this so medium is often the first choice for consumers.

With the Sleep on Latex 100% Natural Latex Mattress the medium mattress is the most popular and it provides a good base of support for your body but it may be a little bit too firm for comfort. But this can be solved.

Sleep on Latex also make a 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper.

🌟 Sleep on Latex 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

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This Sleep on Latex 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper is ideal for placing on top of the medium firmness natural latex mattress to give you more comfort.

The natural latex topper is made in the same way as the mattress. You get the air pockets within the topper to keep air flowing to make it cooler to sleep on. You also get 100% natural latex, no synthetic latex and no fillers with this topper.

You’ll get a high quality latex mattress topper with Sleep on Latex and you won’t find many, if any, better.

You can choose from three different thicknesses in topper: 1-inch, 2-inch or 3-inch. And, of course, you can select the topper bed size you need it for. The 2-inch thickness is the most popular in this topper.

🌟 Disadvantages to Using a Natural Latex Mattress Topper

You should know that this natural latex topper does not come with a cover of any sort. A cover is not only important for aesthetics.

You should be aware that the 100% natural latex can easily rip or tear if you pull it too hard at an edge.

Since any mattress topper can move around on top of a bed, you will probably handle it more than the mattress. For this reason you should use a mattress cover, duvet cover or a sheet to wrap around the natural latex topper. This will help protect it.

And if you do need to pull at it to re-position it then do it mindfully and be careful of the edges. You can use a 100% cotton sheet or 100% linen sheet or duvet cover around it to protect it but still keep everything natural and non-toxic.

By choosing an all natural mattress that is free of nasty petrochemical compounds and includes organic cotton and wool, you not only improve your sleep but your well-being too! Solve your insomnia and choose a healthy natural sleep environment. You’ll be thanking yourself for years to come.

When my children were babies they didn’t sleep well. I thought my lack of sleep was simply because of the kids. But when I sat down and thought about it I had developed insomnia. The kids are sleeping well these days and yet still I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

There are so many reasons for lack of sleep, especially if you’re a parent. But there really are lots of things you can do about it. Sure, get yourself checked by your doctor. If there’s nothing they can point to, then think about how you can look after yourself better.

I try to keep everything as natural as possible in my home. I use natural remedies when I can and I try to use natural products and natural fabrics. It really makes a difference. One of my kids reacts to polyester so I use natural cotton or wool products whenever possible. He loves pure cotton sheets and natural bedding and I feel the same way. It is so much better to sleep in a more natural bedroom environment.

If you can change to natural bedding, you should.

It will cost quite a bit to change everything in your bedroom to a natural product but you don’t need to do it all at once. Start with the bed because it will be the biggest cost. From there you can decide on what to buy next for your bedroom. There are so many beautiful products and beautiful colors to choose from. Make your bedroom your favorite room in the house. By choosing the right color and natural products you’ll start to notice a difference.

And remember if your kids are suffering from any sleep problems, think about changing to natural products. It could make a world of difference to them and of course, to you.

Good luck choosing your natural latex mattress. I know you’ll love the results.


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