Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama from Zuru Pets Alive

Boppi the Llama

If you’re looking for a really fun toy, take a look at Boppi the llama. This booty shakin’ llama is full of personality. The whole family will be smiling as you’re entertained by Boppi dancing along to your favorite songs. This llama has even won awards in the electronic toy category for best toy. You will need to be quick to get one while they’re available.

Boppi the Llama

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What is this Boppi Llama toy?

Boppi is the Booty Shaking Llama that dances along to the music, shaking its booty and rolling its head in time to the tune.

This cool llama is part of the Zuru Pets Alive range which is an extension of the popular Zuru Robo Alive robotic creatures which has received over 1 million sales.

Boppi has already received huge media attention (even before being launched) in several countries including the US, Germany and the UK.

How does it work?

According to ZURU, they use pioneering robotic technology and enhanced motion sensors to create realistic lifelike toys while retaining an affordable option within the tech toys market. This is a really cute llama with amazing dance moves to impress everyone!

Boppi Is Set to Be this Year’s Must-Have

Be warned. Commentators in the world of toys are saying that Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama is set to become the must-have toy of 2019! Toy experts already predict Boppi to be THE toy to have this Christmas.

Expect Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama to dance her way off store shelves. Parents are going to have to be quick, while stocks last, to bag one of these Pets Alive Boppi Llamas in time for the holidays.

The robotic llama doll jumps around and dances to its selection of songs and will also respond to songs on YouTube – endless fun and laughs for the whole family!

Llamas Are the New Unicorns!

Unicorns can expect to be knocked off the number one spot this year by the latest kids’ animal craze for llamas.

Boppi the booty shakin’ llama, from Pets Alive, is cute as can be. This adorably fluffy llama dances and jumps around with enthusiastic neck rolls and twerking shakes of its rear-end. You can’t help but laugh.

What does Boppi do?

Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama has a choice of three songs combined with a selection of dances for endless head-rolling and twerking fun from this booty shaking llama.

Boppi the booty shaking llama runs on four AA batteries.

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This is a very popular toy from Zuru.

This toy is not to be confused with an RC Snake. This one does not use a remote control.

You switch it on and it goes quite fast. It slithers along silently like a real snake.

The tongue moves in and out and the eyes move.

It’s great fun for the whole family!

Zuru Robo Alive T-Rex

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This is an attacking and roaring T-Rex. This robotic Robo Alive toy has a biting movement and a realistic roaring sound. It also features a robotic enhanced walking motion to keep you entertained.

This T-Rex makes a great gift for any boy or girl who likes dinosaurs. If your child is into dinosaurs you really can’t go wrong with this T-Rex. You’ll be impressed by the roars (or maybe it’s only the kids that are impressed!). And your kids will also love the biting of the jaw and teeth!

If you’re looking for a dinosaur gift, this is a fun interactive toy your kids will love.

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