Christmas Games for Kids (free printables)

Christmas Games for Kids pdf to download and print

Are you looking for fun Christmas games for kids to print out? Here are 9 printable games to enjoy. You’ll find a good variety of games to keep everyone happy. These are so easy to print out and use straight away. You can print one game or all nine.

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You get to download the full set of 9 games. Included are mazes, both easy and difficult ones. You also get a kids’ crossword, a kids’ word search and 3 memory games. And to top it off, you’ll also get a Christmas count-down calendar. Starting on December 1, your kids will be able to cross off the days up to Christmas. You can stick this on your refrigerator, put it on a pin board or just keep it handy in a bedroom.

Kids get so excited about Christmas and it’s fun to have new activities for them leading up to Christmas day. With these free printables they get to choose what they want to do with a variety of games to choose from.

What ages can use these games?

Well, if you have several children of different ages in your family there are games in this set to suit everyone. The memory games can be played together or on their own. They suit very young children but older kids can enjoy the game too.

There are simple mazes for younger kids and there’s a more difficult maze for an older child. The crossword is an easy one for kids but, of course, your kids will need to be of school age to do a crossword, unless you want to help out. The clues are very easy to solve so they’ll feel good about knowing the answers.

Looking for a huge book of mazes and puzzles for kids?   Take a look at this one…

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Why do I love printable Christmas games for kids?

I’ve always loved printables for kids because of their convenience. If one of my kids makes a mistake, we just print another one to avoid tears and upset. And if they’re looking for something to do, I usually have some printables ready to go in my kitchen drawer to pull out when the kids want them. They never go to waste and even once they’re completed we use the back of them for drawing or writing shopping lists.

And having seasonal printables is even better! This keeps kids interested. Most kids these days want to turn to screens for entertainment. If you can offer them a new printable with a new challenge (like a maze they haven’t done before), this is usually good enough to occupy them for a while.

I find that a good printable Christmas game can keep my kids occupied at the table while I’m baking in the kitchen. This is such a relief because they’re using their brains to complete a game and I’m getting some time to get things done.

The Christmas games for kids included have enough variety to let your kids choose what they really want to do. However, if you’re looking for coloring pages or more word search games then you’ll find plenty more right here at Happy Successful Mommy. Simply take a look at the links below (right down the bottom of this page) and you’ll see lots to choose from.

What do you get in this set of free Christmas Games for Kids?…

Christmas Games for Kids to download and print and enjoy during the holidays


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Please note: these kids’ games are for personal use only. You cannot use them on your blog or website, or anywhere else that is not for personal use, without the permission of the owner of this site. It’s okay to use them for a class of kids in elementary school.

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