Christmas Word Search Games (5 free printables)

Christmas Word Search Games to help you relax this holiday season

Are you looking for Christmas Word Search Games to distract you this season? Word games are great for reducing anxiety and keeping us distracted when everything starts to feel overwhelming.

At this time of year, there are gifts to wrap, foods to prepare, family to organize and so much more. Perhaps you’re traveling a long distance to be with family or perhaps you’re hosting Christmas dinner and need to do a lot of cooking. I know this is meant to be a happy time of the year, but honestly, every year I get to a point where I feel like I’m not coping with the chaos. That’s when I need to stop and take a break. Doing a word search puzzle is a great distraction.

Looking for the free printable Word Searches? Please scroll down the page…

And even if you’re not looking at this in December, you can still download the word games and use some or all of them at any time of the year. You get the full set of 5 games for free.

They’re word search pdf printables so you can easily print them out on your home printer on a standard sheet of paper.

Included in the Christmas Word Search set, you get:

  • Food word search for the season
  • Christmas words
  • Animals associated with Christmas
  • A winter word search
  • Happiness word search

As you can see, these are all appealing word games. You could definitely use the happiness themed word game for any time of the year if it appeals to you. And in December, it should be good to get you feeling confident again, ready for Christmas despite the hectic time of the year!

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids occupied, then you’ll love these free printable Christmas Games for Kids.  They’re fun and entertaining. You can print one or all of them. They’re great even for different ages of kids.

Do you want more word searches?

Take a look here at another set of free Word Search Puzzles that you can download from  Grab these while you can. They are high quality and fun. There’s a variety of different subjects included.  You’ll like them.

Have kids? Want free printable mazes?

If you’d like to get hold of some free printable mazes for you kids, here they are.  There are 9 maze games included. They include three different levels of difficulty and each one has theme images included to make them fun.

What do you get?

Christmas word search games to help you relax

Here are the free Christmas word search games…


Please note: these Christmas Word Search Games are for personal use only. You cannot use them on your blog or website, or anywhere else that is not for personal use, without the permission of the owner of this site.


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