Fall Leaf Template – Beech and Maple Leaf Printables – 7 Images

Fall Leaf Template designs to print and use in craft activities

Are you looking for a fall leaf template? Here are 7 free beautiful beech and maple leaf templates. Fall leaf printables can be used for crafts and decorations and all you need is your printer. In total you get 13 pages of printables in this set of fall leaf patterns. Here are the images…

For the Free Printables, scroll down the page…

Fall Leaf Ideas

Are you looking for fun activities for the season? Whether you need a template for yourself or you need cut outs for the kids, these free templates will come in handy.

You can make fall wreaths using the outlines which look beautiful on your door or window.

A fall leaf stencil is also great for cutting out fabric in an autumn color. You can use it for quilting or for your kid’s crafts. A fall leaf template can be used for so many different projects.

Fall Leaf Wreath

There are lots of free instructions on the net for door wreaths. You can create a wreath from a variety of different textures and use a fall leaf template for cardboard, fabric, plastic, foil or other materials.

You will get different fall leaf graphic sizes in the free download so make use of the differences to make your wreath look perfect.

Fall Leaves Art

Fall leaf art comes in many shapes and forms. Grab the full set of fall leaf patterns and you’ll use them on different projects.

Use the templates to draw around for your artwork. Afterwards you can give the image to your kids to use.

Fall leaf silhouette printables are handy for mixing with colored leaves and other items for decor.

Fall Leaf Decorations

Do you decorate your home for fall? The colors are gorgeous and so distinct. You can print the leaf images on colored paper or card and cut them out to use as a table centerpiece.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to print them on a color background you can print the white ones and use some watercolor paints in a fall color to really make them pop.

These types of watercolor leaves look amazing as part of a centerpiece on your dining table.

Fall Leaf Crafts for Kids

Are your kids decorating the house for autumn? Maybe they’re decorating their classroom?

Print the fall leaf template designs multiple times and give them to the kids to cut out.

This will keep them busy for hours. The more leaves the more impact they will have on your windows or walls.

If you have a couple of kids, set them a challenge, who can cut out the most leaves.

Want to take a look at what’s included in the free set of printables?…

Fall Leaf Template for Maple and Beech leaves, perfect for all crafts


Fall Leaf Coloring

Do you have young kids? Do they love coloring?

Use the lighter color templates to print out and color in autumnal tones.

Included, you’ll get the wallpaper collage of maple leaves. This can be colored by your kids and used as gift wrap or as a place mat after laminating it.

Maple leaf templates are popular with kids. They love the distinct shape of the leaf so you’ll find lots of uses for them.

Fall Leaf Stickers

If you’re finding it hard to get fall leaf stickers, why not print these maple and beech leaf designs on a color paper like orange, yellow or red and then give them to the kids with some scissors and glue.

This will get your kids involved and keep them busy.

Fall Leaf Illustration At Its Best

Using beech and maple leaf illustrations, templates, designs and stencils is always fun during fall.

There are so many ideas out there. When you use these free fall leaf printables for your own project, leave a comment below and tell me what you did with them. I’d love to hear from you.

I’m always adding more to this site so if you’re looking for more free printables, drop back soon and see what I’ve added.

And…if you need some bright colored cardstock to print on, take a look here…


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