Fisher-Price Code n Learn Kinderbot Review

Code n Learn Kinderbot

Do you have a little one that hasn’t started kindy yet? Want to help your pre-school child to learn in a fun and exciting way? The new Fisher-Price Code n Learn Kinderbot offers a lot of advantages. Here are the details…

Code n Learn Kinderbot

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The new Code n Learn Kinderbot follows on from the success Fisher-Price has experienced with their Think and Learn toys like the award-winning Rocktopus or the Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar toy.

The new Kinderbot will be the latest addition to the Fisher-Price family in 2019. This adorable robot with blue and orange color scheme has a light up face and is full of personality.

This new Kinderbot helps to get kids a quick head start in life. Targeting kids from age 3 to 6 years, it teaches them colors, letters, counting, and shapes. Plus, it even teaches them how to code.

Do Kids Have to Use a Screen to Code the Kinderbot?

There has been some concern among parents about how much time kids spend on screens. With this in mind Fisher-Price has developed the Kinderbot in a way that your child can learn about coding without using a screen. The functionality is built in to the robot without any screens required.

Kids are introduced to coding by using the buttons located on the top of the robot’s head. This makes it easy and fun for younger children to engage in coding at a beginner level.

You can enter in any sequence of code and then hit play and the robot will perform the instructions. The robot itself can provide the challenge to your child or they can decide what they want to do.

Code n Learn Kinderbot

Kinderbot is a great robot friend that helps kids gear up and get ready for Kindergarten.

It has all the basic learning tools like shapes, colors, counting etc.

It also has a secret code mode where your kids can unlock secret codes and it trains the kids mind for very basic coding while at the same time the child enjoys interacting and playing.

The Fisher-Price Code and Learn Kinderbot can also change into other things like a motorcycle, a saxophone, or a bulldozer and it can even walk the dog.

What does the Code n Learn Kinderbot come with?

The Kinderbot comes with accessories to be used as machines or tools. They include a ramp, wheel, lever and axle. If your child wants to follow one of the given challenges they will learn to solve the engineering problem by coding the robot to complete the task.

This is a great little learning robot which will prepare your child for Kindergarten while entertaining your child for hours on end.

It’s available this Fall at an expected price of $65.00.

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