12 Free Printable Garden Coloring Pages for Adults

Garden Coloring Pages for Adults with beautiful landscape scenes

Before I started gardening, I never understood why people did it. I didn’t realize how relaxing it is. When you combine the beautiful images of a garden with the concept of adult coloring, you get the most relaxing combination (in my opinion). If you’re looking for free printable garden coloring pages for adults, I have 12 of the best you’ll find. You can print them out and use them straight away. Take a look…

I’ve got 12 garden images to give away. They are all in portrait orientation. I know this seems counter-intuitive for a landscape scene but I find that a vertical page is easier to color. I know you’ll love them.

Because there are 12, you can pick and choose what appeals to you best.

What images do you get?

Garden Coloring Pages for adults of beautiful and calming scenes


Please note: These images above are shown as a compressed image – the images you download will be crystal clear.

Some people prefer an oriental zen garden, others prefer to color a vegetable garden. There’s a garden with a fountain, one with a swing, another with a statue and a couple of pages with birds included. There’s really something for everyone.

If a cactus garden is your thing there’s one included. You’ll also get a fairy garden and a garden with a bridge.

You get to download all 12 of these garden coloring pages. This is a huge advantage because you can choose to print a couple of them that appeal to you or you can print the whole lot so they’re ready to go when you need them.

These are all beautiful professional adult coloring pages. They are high quality and in PDF so you can easily download them and print them out.

You’ll love the calming effect of the garden scenes. Personally, I’m also a fan of patterns or florals. But it’s really nice to color a scene as a bit of a change. It tends to take your mind in a different direction. Oftentimes, I find that a garden scene can be more distracting than if you color a pattern like a mandala. This is good if you need the distraction. Of course, it all depends on what sort of a day you’re having. And it is different for every person. But personally, I do love a good garden coloring page.

If you love these pages, please let me know in the comments section below. That way I’ll know to include more of these free printables in the future.

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