9 Free Gratitude Worksheets for Families (Printables to Download)

Gratitude worksheets for kids or adults, you can get the whole family involved in this activity

Are you looking for family activities this Thanksgiving? Maybe you’re looking for fun gratitude worksheets for your family for the new year? Whatever time of year, you and your family can benefit from these beautiful free printables. You can get the kids involved and help them to recognize all the amazing things in their life that they can be thankful for. Whether you have an excuse or not, grab these worksheets as a free download today and put them to use. You’ll be glad you did.

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This is the sort of activity you can do on your own or get the family involved.

Or…you can do it both ways. You can complete a gratitude sheet alongside your kids while they’re doing one and you can do your own private worksheet in your quiet time.

When you want to reflect on all the things your are thankful for, it really helps to have a worksheet ready to go.

Sure, you can write in your journal or choose any sheet of paper but it’s more likely to be meaningful if you use a specific worksheet.

And if you do keep a journal you can add these worksheets to your binder journal or stick them into a diary.

Print them, ready-to-go

I like to keep a few of these sheets printed out and ready to go. I place them in a drawer in the kitchen so they’re handy for when I want them. This way you don’t have any excuse not to express gratitude and all you need to find is a pen! (Keep one in the same drawer)

It’s best to print out multiple copies if you have kids. If they make a mistake on one of their gratitude worksheets you can avoid tears by handing them another one. Of course, it depends on the age of your kids. But if they’re young, make sure you have lots of copies handy. And they won’t go to waste because you can use the extra ones on another day or during another month.

All of these gratitude worksheets are in black and white. This means you or your kids can choose to color them in if you want to. It also means they’re easy to print if you don’t have a color printer.

If your child finishes a sheet quickly he or she can spend more time making it pretty with color. Have the crayons ready!

What do you get? (take a look at the 9 gratitude worksheets)…

Gratitude Worksheets to download and print for you or the kids


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Please note: these gratitude worksheets are for personal use only. You cannot use them on your blog or website, or anywhere else that is not for personal use, without the permission of the owner of this site.

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