6 Free Halloween Printable Games for Kids

Halloween Printable Games for kids to print for free

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children. If you’re looking for Free Halloween Printable Games for Kids, here they are. These are fun and entertaining games that are ready to print and give to your kids. They will love them. Let’s take a look at all the games you get.

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In this free Halloween printable set you get Word Search Easy, Word Search Difficult, a Crossword for Kids and three Memory Games for Kids.

Halloween Word Search Printable Game

Astronaut Costume, Click Image

You get two versions of Word Search included. The first one is easy enough for younger children who are still learning how to spell easy words. There are easy words like bat, cat and black.

There are also some more challenging words in there like “ghoul”. You can use this game as an example of the words “ghost” and “ghoul” starting with the letters “gh”. You can explain to your kids that this is very unusual and that there aren’t very many words that start with these letters together.

The easy version of the word search game includes 12 words to find.

The difficult version of the game is a lot harder. You will need to find 38 words and they include longer words than those in the easy version.

The harder version of Halloween Word Search can be used by older kids or you can challenge yourself with the game. Sit down with the kids while they’re completing the easier one and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much fun you can have doing a Halloween game.

If you have teenagers in your family I’m sure they’ll enjoy the more challenging word search puzzle while their younger siblings are completing the easier one.

Halloween Crossword Puzzle for Kids

The Crossword Puzzle included in this set of Halloween printable games is designed for kids. The clues are easy to complete. Younger children will still need help, especially if they’ve never done a crossword before, but they will enjoy it.

You get a solutions page included with the crossword game. The answer page should be printed out but kept separate from your kids when they’re completing the puzzle.

It’s much more fun if they genuinely attempt the crossword before they look at the answers.

Halloween Memory Game for Kids

Wonder Woman Costume, Click Image

This Halloween set of printable games includes three memory games. The memory games can be used one at a time or, if you’d like to make the game more challenging, you can combine all three of the games to make one much larger game.

Do you know how to play the memory game?

The memory game is a lot of fun for the family to play together. It is easy enough for younger kids to understand how to play but enjoyable enough for parents to get involved.

Print the pictures out in color and then cut them out along the grid lines. Once you have all the squares cut out, shuffle the cards.

Place the cards face down on the table or floor and let the youngest player start first. The player to their left will play next (keep moving in a clockwise direction).

The first player turns over one card and then a second card. If it is a match they can pick up those cards and keep them in front of them until the end of the game.

If the two cards do not match, you turn them back face down and leave them in their places. The next player turns over one card and if they think they’ve previously seen where the matching card is located then they should try and turn that card over to get a match. If there is no match then turn them back face down.

The aim of the game is to try and remember where the cards are located so you can get as many matches as possible.

The player with the most matching cards in their winning pile, wins.

Don’t miss out

Halloween games are so much fun and there’s no reason to miss out on them when they’re free printables. Grab your free download today and let your family enjoy the season.

What do the games look like?

Halloween Printable Games for Kids free and fun


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