10 Halloween Wall Art Free Printables to Download Immediately

Free Halloween Wall Art Images to download and print at home

Are you looking for new Halloween wall art this year? If you decorate your home every October in spooky Halloween decor you’ll love these free printables. You can download them immediately and put them on your wall, frame them and place them on a table or give them to the kids to stick on the windows. They are fun and so easy to print out. Here they are…

For the Free Printables scroll down the page (under the image)…

Whether you’re looking for something for the kids to use or you’re looking for stylish wall art to frame and decorate your living room, these free Halloween printables fit the bill.

They’re in pdf format so they’re ready to print out. No fuss.

You get to download all 10 designs for free!

Mix and match…

Because they all feature the same elliptical frame design they can be used to mix and match. Of course, you could also just print your favorite one and use only that particular one in your decor.

The black and white theme is perfect for Halloween and can be used in almost any home decor. You can include these wall designs in your rooms along with other decor.

And don’t forget the classroom!  If you kids are decorating their classrooms, these are perfect. They are easy to place on walls or windows and can be used together as a group or individually. You can print them and take them along to class or teachers can easily print these even if they’re only using a black and white printer – no need for color.

If children want to color in the white part of the background this looks good in purple or orange for Halloween. This can be a fun class activity just before Halloween.

And because you get 10 designs, there’s something for everyone. Kids can choose their favorite design and they don’t need to be stuck with the same one as their friends. With lots of variety they look great hanging together in a classroom once they’ve been colored.

These are the 10 Halloween images you get as a set…

Free Halloween Wall Art printables


If you’re wanting free printables for younger kids you may want to avoid the skull or spider images. The top two owl images are actually quite adorable and not scary. They would definitely be suitable for younger kids if you don’t want anything too spooky.

These cute owl images could even be placed in a kid’s bedroom during October without causing fear. And if you’re a big fan of owls in general, there are a total of four owl images within this set of printables so you can go crazy using lots of these images, if you’re keeping to an owl theme in your decor.

Enjoy using these free printable Halloween wall art images and have a great day on October 31 (download them in the box above).

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