How to Increase Blog Visitors – Free and Fast Method Using Images (not Social Media)

Increase Blog Visitors Using Images to grab more traffic

There’s an easy way to increase blog visitors by using your images, but it doesn’t involve social media. Did you know you can rank your images on Google Image Search? It is now being used by more Americans than ever before to search for what they’re looking for and yet so many bloggers forget about using it for traffic. I’ve put together my research and here’s the info you need to start ranking your images.

Google Image Search has been around since 2001. That’s a long time. And it’s popularity has been growing. Many people prefer to search by image because it saves them time. If you’re wanting a new family dinner recipe, chances are, you want to see what the meal looks like before you take a look at the recipe itself.

And if you’re trying to find instructions for a kids’ craft or a DIY home project, again, you’ll probably want to see what the end result will look like before you look at the directions on how to do it.

We are visually driven creatures and this means more people are searching on Google Image Search. Daily pageviews of Google Images is more than 1 billion. Are you utilizing your blog images to get more traffic?

You are probably using your blog images on Pinterest and Facebook to attract more visitors. Why not use Image Search as well?

Just like Google SEO there are better and worse ways to try and rank your images. It’s not hard. But you do need to know what you’re doing.

Every niche is different when it comes to images. While some niches do better in the rankings with larger images, other niches do better with smaller. There is a clever way to find out what works best in your niche.

I’ve put together a short Google doc with all the information I’ve gathered on ranking images in Google Image Search. You can get access to your free copy below:


You’ll get all the information you need to understand how to use Google Image Search to get more visitors to your site. It’s time to increase blog visitors using this free and fast method.

Whether you’re starting out on your blogging career path or you’ve been doing it for a while and you already have traffic, you’ll love increasing your traffic with something as simple as ranking your images.

Many bloggers aren’t even aware that they are losing out on this extra traffic.

Learning how to rank in Google Image Search is easy with the right instruction. It doesn’t take long to understand what you need to do in your niche. Grab this free report (above) and take advantage of this free traffic before your competitors do.

You’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t do this for all your blog posts sooner! (Grab access to the free Google doc in the box above while it’s available)

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