10 Free Printable House Coloring Pages (Beautiful Home Pictures for Kids or Adults)

Printable House Coloring Pages for kids or adults or to be used as a family activity

Do you love coloring pages? Here are 10 Free Printable House Coloring Pages that are suitable for adult coloring or for kids. You can download all ten of the images right now. There’s no waiting around. Grab these printables today while they’re available.

Looking for the free printables?  Scroll down the page to get them…

Maybe you’re looking for adult coloring pages for yourself? Have you tried adult coloring yet? These pages are perfect to focus on and clear your mind. You can also give these pictures to the kids to color. Why not do some of them together? Turn it into family time.

Which coloring pages do you get?

(please note that the images below are in low resolution…the pages you download will be sharp images in high resolution, perfect for printing and coloring):

Printable House Coloring Pages to download for kids or adults

Coloring can help to calm the mind and give you a few minutes of peace in our otherwise hectic lives.

You’ll get a full set of ten printable house coloring pages when you download them. The rooms included in the images are:

  • Living Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Kitchen
  • Front Porch
  • Entry
  • Dining Room
  • Master Closet
  • Master Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Baby’s Room

Identify the Rooms

If you’re using these images with your children, you could get them to identify each room and write it on the page. This can add to the learning experience. They can use it to help their spelling skills.

Set up a Challenge

You can also set up a challenge for your kids while using these coloring pages. Tell your child to color the room only using warm colors (or cool colors). See if they can identify the correct colors and see if they can complete the task.

Place the pages

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After the pages are finished you could go around the house and stick each page onto the door of the correct room. This adds to the fun.

By adding these extra elements to the activity, it not only makes it more exciting for your kids, but it also extends the time they take to do it. If you want them to stay busy yet stay off screens then this is an ideal way to do it.

This type of extended coloring activity is perfect for the holidays or a weekend. With so many coloring sheets included you’ll have enough for the entire family!

Create Wallpaper in the Rooms

See what other fun challenges you can come up with. If your kids like craft activities, grab some glitter glue and stick extra objects onto the walls in the pictures to create wallpaper. You can also use craft items to decorate objects like the bath in the bathroom picture or the cabinets in the kitchen image.

Hang Family Photos

You could even cut up copies of family photos and hang them on the walls in the rooms you’re coloring.

The ideals are endless. Let your kids’ imaginations go wild! Give them a few prompts to get them going and they’ll get the idea.

Add Extra Pets

What about cutting up old magazines and adding items like food to the dining room table or some extra pets on the front porch with the dog.

Between coloring and crafting, these printable house coloring pages can be used in so many different ways. And you’ll want to print more than one copy if you have at least a couple of kids in your family. Let them continue creating.

Here are the free printables…



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