Printable Mazes for Kids (free to download)

Printable mazes for kids as a fun activity to do at home and it's free

Want to keep the kids busy? Want to keep them off screens? Here is a set of printable mazes for kids. They vary in difficulty so if you have more than one child in your family they can all enjoy them. And if your kid progresses from the easy ones, you’ll have more difficult ones ready for them to use. These maze games will keep your kids occupied and happy.

This set of printables is completely free. You get 9 mazes in total. You’ll get 3 easy mazes, along with 3 medium and 3 difficult maze puzzles. They are all fun with cute images.

You can print one at a time or the whole set at once.

Which ages do these maze games for kids suit?

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I was going to put suggested ages on these mazes but it’s a bit difficult to do that. It really depends on your child’s experience with mazes.

If they’re young then they’ll obviously start with the easy mazes. But there are some older children who would like to try a maze but have never attempted one before.

If this is the same with your child, start them on the easy mazes to quickly get the idea of how to do them. This will build their confidence and encourage them to progress to the medium level of difficulty.

Since there are 3 mazes at each level, you can share them among siblings or you could even do one of the more difficult ones yourself. Sit down at the kitchen table and allocate the maze worksheets to each member of the family and then enjoy them together.

Even if the difficult mazes are too difficult for your kids, let them trace the maze with a pencil and show them how to back-track where they went wrong until they find the correct path.

This is a great way to open up your child’s mind to finding solutions and learning perseverance.

What do you get in this set of printable mazes for kids?

1st Maze

This maze starts with a colorful bright yellow bird looking for its nest. It’s an easy maze and won’t take a child long to complete. This is a sweet theme that will suit girls and boys of any age. It’s particularly good for younger kids or kids who have never attempted a maze before.

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2nd Maze

Next we have a dinosaur maze. It’s another easy level game. The brachiosaurus is already chomping some food but he’s keen to get to the tasty gingko leaves at the bottom of the page. This is a puzzle suitable for boys or girls. If you have a dinosaur enthusiast in your family then this the maze game they’ll love.

3rd Maze

This is a cops and robbers maze game. Boys will love it but it will also appeal to law-abiding girls. The police car needs to hurry through the maze and arrest the burglar. This maze is an easy level.

4th Maze

This is the first medium level difficult maze. The dog wants his bone. Wind you way through the maze to get to the bone. This is the first of three medium level mazes and if your child is struggling with this one then it might be worth going back to the easier levels of maze. If you’re struggling to find enough of them as printable mazes for kids on the net, you can always buy a whole book of mazes for a reasonable price.

5th Maze

Another medium level maze, this one is about a hungry mouse. The mouse needs to be guided through the maze to get to the cheese. The medium level mazes look a lot harder than the easy ones but once your kids get a pencil onto the sheet they’ll find it’s easier than they think.

6th Maze

This is the last medium level maze game. It’s a cute squirrel after some acorns. The arrows on each maze make it easy for kids to know where to start and finish. The finishing arrow allows your child to stay focused on the objective.

7th Maze

And here’s the beginning of the difficult mazes. On this maze the pony is keen to get the carrots. Once again, your kids may think that this maze game looks really hard to do. Encourage your kids to start the maze and use a pencil so they can erase the lines that take a wrong turn. If you have older kids, they’ll love these more difficult mazes. They’re a challenge and they’ll get a great sense of achievement at completing them.

8th Maze

This is the retro maze. Perhaps your kids will appreciate the Pac-Man theme or perhaps you will. Did you play Pac-Man as a kid yourself? Tell you own kids about it as a piece of history. If your kids are not familiar with Pac-Man just let them know that Pac-Man wants to get all the dots before the ghosts get him. Of course, in this maze puzzle it looks like Pac-Man is after the ghosts but they are facing away from him so I guess it makes sense that he wants to get all the dots while the ghosts are in front of him and not behind him. Does that make sense? I hope so!

9th Maze

This is the final difficult maze in the set. This is a cute bee maze. The bee is trying to get back to the hive. You need to direct him the correct way. This maze will suit boys or girls. It will keep your kids busy and give them a challenge.

Whether you’re looking for mazes for one kid or several, you’ll love this set of printable mazes for kids because there’s so much variety in the themes and the levels of difficulty.

They look great printed in color but if you only have a black and white printer available they still look good. As mentioned above, they can be printed as a set or you can pick and choose what you want to use and only print those pages.

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Mazes for Kids to keep them busy with a fun activity and it's free

Get your free printable Mazes for Kids here…

Please note: these mazes for kids are for personal use only. You cannot use them on your blog or website, or anywhere else that is not for personal use, without the permission of the owner of this site. But…it’s okay to use them printed out for a class of kids in elementary school.

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