Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids (Free Printables for you to Download)

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids to keep them busy with a Thanksgiving Activity

Are you looking for good old fashioned fun for your kids? Take a look at these Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids. They’re free to download and print. You can keep your kids entertained while you’re taking a well-deserved break…or staying busy cooking for Thanksgiving. Either way your kids will enjoy this Thanksgiving activity.

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So many parents are trying to find a way to keep their kids busy without spending too much time on screens.

While coloring is a fun activity at any time, it’s more interesting when you’re coloring pages with a theme.

Your kids will know it’s that time of the year leading up to Thanksgiving, even if they’re young. Try printing out these coloring sheets and you’ll be able to offer them something new.

You can give them one sheet at a time or simply give them all of them at once to choose from.

The coloring sheets are positioned with two pictures on each page. You can cut straight across the page and divide the images up or you can leave them as they are with two to a page. It depends on what your kids like.

You can use these for coloring at school, at church or as a theme at kindy.

They’re fun to color and because they’re isolated on a white background your child can cut them out after they color.

What about hanging them from the ceiling or adding them to your windows?

Once you start using printables like these you’ll come up with more and more ways to use them.


Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids to keep children busy this November


Please Note: These Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids are for personal use only. You cannot publish them on your blog or website, or use them in any way other than personal use, without permission from the author of this site.

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