6 Free Printable Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Thanksgiving Games for Kids for fun family activities and entertainment

Want to keep your kids busy while you’re preparing food for Thanksgiving? Here are 6 of the best Thanksgiving Games for Kids. They are free and you can print them easily. Each one is beautifully presented and ready to use. There are word games and memory games included. Grab them now and sit your kids down with them for lots of fun.

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Thanksgiving Games for Kids to keep your children happy while you're busy cooking or to use as a fun family activity together

Thanksgiving Word Search Games for Kids

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In this pack of 6 games you’ll get two word search games. One is an easy level and is good for younger kids. The other one is of a difficult standard. You can use this for older children.

Alternatively, you can sit down with your kids and make it a family event. You can work together to find the words in the more difficult puzzle. This is good if your kids are school-aged but still fairly young. The words are harder and there are more words in the puzzle.

Complete the game together

The difficult level of word search game can look intimidating for elementary school kids but if you do the word search with them they realize they really can do it, it just takes more concentration and patience.

And if you decide to sit down with a cup of coffee and watch your child completing these Thanksgiving games, you might want to undertake the larger word search game yourself.  Word search puzzles are fun at any age. You will get your brain working to find those hidden words and that’s good for everyone.

Remind your kids they don’t have to find the words in the order in which they are presented. They can choose to find any of them when they’re ready. Younger children need these little hints to help them along with word games. And make sure you give them two different color pens or pencils to complete the game. This way they can use the second color to circle any extra words they find which aren’t on the list. This is especially true for smaller words like “on” or “an” or names like “Ron” or “Tom”. Kids get excited by finding extra words that they already learnt to spell so this is an added bonus.

Thanksgiving Crossword for Kids

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You’ll also get a fun crossword for children. This is an easy crossword with easy clues.

Elementary school kids should find it fun to complete.

And if you’re stuck for answers it comes with a solutions sheet included. All these pages included are free and downloadable.

The Thanksgiving crossword is good to get kids thinking.

It’s different to a word search and provides variety. The crossword comes with some cute images so you can print it out in color and it looks appealing.

By doing a variety of word games your child will learn to use their brain in different ways.

Finding the solutions helps them to stretch their thoughts and learn to problem-solve.

If you’re looking for more activities for your children or grandchildren, the Thanksgiving Activity Book (image on the right) is available from Amazon you can easily order it when you’re ordering something else for Thanksgiving and you’ll have even more activities including dot-to-dots and mazes for your kids to enjoy.

Thanksgiving Memory Game for Children

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Next, you’re getting three memory games include in this pack. The memory games include bright bold images on them which are fun and easy to use with all ages.

The memory game can be played by children of a very young age right up to school age and beyond. You can use this as a family game on the coffee table, at the dining table or even on the floor. All you need to do it print the game, cut out the squares and you’re ready to play.

How to play this Thanksgiving game

You place all the squares face down on a flat surface (table, floor etc). The first player turns over two squares, one at a time, following each other. If the squares are the same they place them in front of themselves. If they aren’t the same they turn them face-down again.

You need to try and remember where the squares are so when it’s your turn and you turn over one picture you can remember where the other one is location.

Once all the squares are gone the player with the greatest number of squares wins.

Two or more people can play at once.

Is there more than one memory game in this pack?

There are three memory Thanksgiving games for kids included in this printable pack. If you have two young kids playing they might want to use each game as three separate games. But if your kids are school aged or there are several of them, you’ll want to combine all three memory game squares to make one larger memory game.

This makes it more challenging and the whole family can play it together. It can be a fun family Thanksgiving game for all ages to play together.

Just a hint…if you print the squares of the memory game on very thin paper it might be possible to see the image on the other side even when the squares are placed face down. This defeats the objective of the game. Try printing on thicker paper or cardstock which can be bought at the right size to use directly in your printer.

If you decide to print on colored cardstock remember to use the same color to print all the squares so they look the same on the back.

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Enjoy these games with your kids. At Happy Successful Mommy, we’re regularly adding more printables and fun ideas to the site. Be sure to check back soon and see what’s new.

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