6 Free Word Search Puzzles – Downloadable and Printable PDF Games

Word Search Puzzles to download and print for free

There are lots of reasons why people love word search puzzles and as a mom I can relate to many of them. If you’re a busy mom you know how important it is to find time for yourself. You need quiet time to just stop. We’re on the go all day (and often all night with little ones) so we need a hobby to shut out all the worries of day-to-day existence and do something on our own.

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Often it is difficult to set aside time for yourself. One way to do it is to allocate one focused activity or hobby to complete. This needs to be something you enjoy but also something that will engage and calm your mind so you get that relief from holding all the to-do lists in your mind.

Word search games provide a lot of enjoyment for a lot of people. If you enjoy them, it’s a good way to wind down at the end of the day or slow down during a quiet morning break with a cup of coffee.

If you’re just starting out with word search puzzles then it’s easy to download a few and print them out before committing to buying a whole book of them. And if you’re experienced at word search games you’re always looking out for new ones.

Here, you get to download 6 free printable word search puzzles to enjoy immediately. There’s no waiting around and no money to pay. Take a look at what you get…

Relaxation Word Game

Most of the word search topics included in this full set are about tangibles. Animals, birds and marine life are all physically in existence. But this first word search is all about relaxation.

The words will (hopefully) produce feelings of calmness. While you complete the word game you’ll also achieve a more relaxed state.

Most people like to relax and enjoy the experience of completing a word search puzzle.

You get to enjoy the moment of doing it as well as feel that sense of achievement when you complete it.

If you’re looking for more calmness in your life, this word search game can help. But if it’s not really your thing, just move on and choose one of the other word search pdf puzzles to download and print.

With a full set to choose from, there’s enough variety for everyone.

Word Search Animals Game

Animals are one of the most popular topics for word games. This free printable animal word search puzzle includes 48 animals found in the United States.

It is fun, and due to the higher number of words included, it’s harder to complete.

If you love animals you’ll find this game both relaxing and challenging. There are lots of words to find so grab a cup of coffee and give yourself some quiet time. You’ll enjoy this word search printable pdf.

Word Search Dog Breeds

This dog breed word search puzzle lets you find 38 different dog breeds. If you’re a dog lover you’ll want this one.

This word search can be used by kids as well as adults. It’s educational and you’ll enjoy thinking about all those dogs as you complete it.

Marine Life Free Printable Word Game

This word search game offers you 38 marine life words to find.

It includes a variety of different marine animals, birds and organisms. It is educational but fun. Whether it’s summer and you’re thinking about the beach or you just love marine life, this game is suitable for everyone.

Pets Printable Word Search Puzzles

Whether you have pets yourself, or just love animals in general, you’ll enjoy this pets word search printable pdf.

You’ll get to find 30 different pet words within this word search. Some pets are small, some large and others exotic.

Last night I was watching a show where a family kept an alpaca in their home in the suburbs. The alpaca was allowed to eat off the kitchen counter with the family. And the family walked the alpaca along the street to give it exercise. But I didn’t include alpaca in this word search puzzle. There are plenty of other pets included.

Birds Free Printable Word Search Game

When I think about birds it is relaxing. We see lots of birds out our back window. My kids are so familiar with them that they even know their different bird calls.

If you also find birds calming, you’ll want to download this bird word search. There are 48 different birds included to find in the game.

You will probably be familiar with most of them but a few might surprise you. Perhaps you haven’t thought about some of them in a long time. That’s the added benefit of doing a word search game, you can get lost in your own thoughts which is a nice way to be.

These birds are ones located in the United States. If you’re from another country you might find it interesting to see which ones overlap with your own location.

Word Search Puzzles with a variety of topics from animals to pets to dog breeds and more.

How to Play a Word Search Game

I think everyone knows how to play a word search game. But if you need a reminder, just know that these word searches have the words going horizontal, vertical and diagonal.  And if you’re finding them difficult, remember that the words may appear forwards or backwards.

It’s the words that appear backwards and diagonal that I always need to remind myself about!

Each time you find a word just use a pen to circle the entire word. And if you’re particularly creative and you like to use color, use one of those multi-color pens that have the click options on the top.

Of course, if you’re into color, you can also use a highlighter pen to draw across each word as you find it on the game.

And each time you find a word, remember to cross it off the list (obvious, I know, but worth mentioning to your kids if they’re new to word search puzzles)

We all know the benefits of having an enjoyable hobby, especially one that is calm and relaxing. If you enjoy completing word search puzzles it is something you can do for life. Whether you’re tired and exhausted, sick in hospital, parked in the car waiting for kids or just finding it hard to calm all the thoughts whizzing around your brain, a word search can help.

Because this set of word searches is printable, you can always have one ready to go. Pop one in your bag if you’re going to catch a bus to work or place one on the counter to complete with a coffee. It’s easy!

And if you have older kids in your family they can enjoy these printable games too. Sometimes it is hard to find these types of activities for tweens or teenagers and if you want them to sit down with their younger siblings, this is a fun way to spend time together.

Enjoy all the word games and remember there are always new ones being added to this site. Check back again soon to see what else you like.

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