56 Catchy Blog Post Titles to Attract More Visitors to Your Blog this Month (includes free download)

Catchy Blog Post Titles to improve your headlines and increase traffic to your site

We all need more traffic to our blogs. If you feel like your headings are letting you down, it’s time to create some catchy blog post titles to grab attention and increase your number of visitors. With a good post headline you can compel your potential audience to click on your post. And here’s the best part, I’ve included a free download – 56 Best Blog Post Titles – you can print it out and refer to it every time you write new content for your site.

One month isn’t a long time, but if you’re already getting traffic from search engines or Pinterest, you can increase your traffic very quickly by adding catchy blog post titles to your site. Here’s the easiest and fastest way to do it. Let’s take a look…

Catchy Blog Post Titles to increase number of visitors to your blog

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When you first start writing content for your blog it’s hard to bring it all together perfectly. When you’re starting out there are so many things to consider. You’re thinking about things like:

  • Topic?
  • Keywords?
  • Length of content?
  • Do I write in first person?
  • Should I add images?
  • Should I use tags?
  • What about the category? etc etc

Blogging Mistakes

The one thing most bloggers don’t spend too much time on, is the blog post title. It is often written very quickly, and at best, consideration is given to the keyword. But…is this the best way to get eyeballs on your post? Obviously not.

When you’re starting out you may go to one extreme or the other. Lots of bloggers start with boring titles or they use too much click-bait in their titles.

The problem with the click-bait approach is that you over-promise and under-deliver. This is never good for return business. Your visitors won’t look at your site again after you’ve done that to them.

Two Ways to Improve Your Blog Post Titles

When you’re a new blogger (or even a seasoned blogger that just wants to improve post titles) there are two things you can do to speed up your learning curve.

First, use a reference to get ideas. Check, this one is covered! I’ve included a free cheat sheet that gives you 56 of the most catchy blog post titles (download it below).

You can use these every time you write a new post.  Plus they’re not limited to just blog posts. You can use them for:

    • email subject lines,
    • newsletters,
    • Facebook,
    • social media,
    • pins,
    • infographics
    • and more.

Use your imagination and you’ll get great value out of them.

Second, you’ll want to actively follow a plan to improve your headings fast. I have just that plan for you. This is what you need to do.

Start with one of the posts you’ve already written (that makes it faster). Next, re-write the heading 15 times. What! 15 times! That’s just a waste of time, I hear you say…bear with me on this one.

Okay, if you’re short on time re-write the heading 5 times. Come up with drastically different titles. Think about your topic from different angles but don’t go so broad that it doesn’t resonate with your content. You want to keep it congruent with the subject matter.

Once you’ve re-written the title 5-15 times take another look at the 56 Best Blog Post Titles cheat sheet and see if there are any other ways you could have written the title.

Now, ask yourself, which title jumps out at you? Is there one that hits you as being so much better than the others? Maybe yes, maybe no.  Sometimes this process has a clear-cut winner, other times you need to take an extra step.

Taking an extra step…

While you’re still learning how to write catchy blog post titles you may want to put out a survey (your could use SurveyMonkey). You can ask friends on Facebook or ask family at a Sunday brunch. Which title do they like best and why? Which one would make then click on that post title to read the article?

If you have an email list you could ask your list to engage in this process. Take a vote. Which one do they like best? You can tell them you’re doing it to improve your post titles and you’ll let them know the results so they can learn from it too.

This concept is great while you’re learning but obviously it is time consuming. I suggest you allocate one month to concentrate on developing catchy blog post titles.

Of course, it depends whether you’re writing one post per week or one post every other day. The more content you’re creating, the more experience you’ll be getting. Just remember, creating blog post titles is a skill which can be improved. The more you focus on practicing it, the better you’ll become.

What about the rest of the written content?

Mitzy, I love your cheat sheet for the blog post titles, but what about a template for the content itself? People ask me whether they can have a template to write from. So, I’m going to share my opinion on this (it’s a little bit different to a lot of other bloggers).

I’ve seen a lot professional bloggers provide a post template you can follow. They hand it out free so you can use it for your own site. And they also ask that guest post bloggers use the template when creating content for their site. But…when you look at that professional blogger’s site, she doesn’t use the template herself!  I’ve seen this time and time again.

You can do the research yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, I get it. I really do. I know why those bloggers don’t use their own post template. Because it’s boring. I’ve tried writing posts following a template and it always ends up being the most underwhelming content you’ve ever seen.

When you’re writing content for your own site and you’re passionate about your topic, you can’t follow a template. It just doesn’t work.

If you’re like me, you don’t really know how the written form of your content is going to end up.

Sure, you use an outline and you know what you’re going to say, but once it starts flowing out of your brain, down your neck, across your shoulders, down your arms, through your hands and out your fingers onto the keyboard it takes on a life of its own (a silly description, I know – it’s actually how one of my kids likes to describe the ideas coming out of my mind and onto the screen as I type!)

So, if you want to try writing a post from a template go ahead. Try it out and see what your own experience is. But I’m not going to provide a post template for anyone to use for this reason stated above.

Now, back to blog post headlines…

When you’re short on time and you think it’s too much effort to practice creating new blog post titles, remember this…

Catchy blog post title = more clicks on your post = more traffic = more income from that post

By re-visiting your old posts and updating the headlines you’re not only practicing your skill in this area, you’re also adding to the bottom line.

If you can increase your earnings from each post, you don’t need to write as much content. This is the way to increase the income from your blog with what you’ve already got on it.

As a mommy blogger we all struggle to find enough time to create content. When you find 15 spare minutes you can use that short amount of time to review your post headings and practice improving the main title. This is a great task to complete in those small chunks of time between feeding your toddler, changing your baby’s diaper and cooking a meal. Take the plunge today and improve your skills. Create new catchy blog post titles and see what a benefit it is to your site this month.

Catchy Blog Post Titles to use as headlines on your site and attract a greater audience

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