Peppermint Oil: 9 Essential Reasons to Always Keep It In Your Home

Peppermint Oil

There are certain essential oils that everyone should keep in their home even if they’re not into aromatherapy. Peppermint Oil is one of these oils. It has so many important uses. When I run out of this essential oil, I’m lost without it. I’ve even been known to go into the garden and pick mint from my herb garden in desperation when I’m out of peppermint oil. This is fine but it’s not as effective or as quick and easy as grabbing my bottle of peppermint essential oil. Here are the best ways to use it in your home.

Whenever we have an insect problem I think of peppermint oil. It works so well. I’ve got rid of ant problems and spider problems this way. But there are so many other uses for peppermint oil in your home. So let’s take a look.

First of all I want you to know that I often use peppermint oil as a spray. This is so handy in my home so I want to share with you the method for making a quick and easy spray.

Peppermint Oil Spray

Grab a small to medium size bottle with a spray trigger on the top. Use about 1 cup of distilled water in the bottle and add 5-6 drops of peppermint oil. Shake it before using. It’s as simple as that!

Need larger quantities of peppermint oil spray?

Of course if you need to use large quantities of peppermint spray you can double or triple the quantity. I like to keep this small amount made up and make a fresh spray bottle regularly.

Once you’re comfortable using a peppermint spray you can easily experiment, adding some of the other essential oils mentioned below.

Here are the essential reasons you need to keep peppermint essential oil in your home at all times.

  • External Doors

    Use peppermint oil spray around external doors to keep ants, spiders and cockroaches out of your house.

    In Spring I start spraying along the lower edge of the baseboards in my living room because the hardwood floor is slightly uneven and there is a tiny gap where insects can get in.

    I spray before the hot weather starts for Summer, to avoid cockroaches.

    My neighbor has her whole house sprayed with chemical pesticide to get rid of cockroaches but all I need is the peppermint spray and it seems to do the trick.

    If you’re worried about using harsh chemicals around your home, especially while your kids are young, try using peppermint to keep cockroaches outside. There are many uses for essential oils which let you avoid using commercial chemical sprays around your home.

  • Windows

    Spray the edges of windows and any holes in fly wire to stop spiders getting into your house.

    The peppermint spray also keeps spiders out of the house. My house is quite old and the timber window frames are original to the house. This means the windows are no longer perfect. Anywhere there is a chance of spiders getting in along the edge of a window frame, I use the peppermint spray to deter them naturally.

  • Trash Can

    Place a cotton ball with peppermint essential oil on it in the bottom of your kitchen trash can to keep it smelling fresh.

    If you use a bin liner just place the cotton ball with peppermint in first before you put the bin liner in. This makes a big difference to the smell of your kitchen. You can replace the cotton ball whenever you feel the need and it keeps the bin smelling sweet naturally.

  • Focus

    If you’re having trouble concentrating, use peppermint oil in an aromatherapy diffuser to help you focus.

    You can use a large diffuser to fill the room but there’s another alternative. You can get a personal aromatherapy diffuser that is a size that fits in the palm of your hand (click here for more details including reviews).

    This essential oil diffuser can be powered by a USB cable plugged into your laptop as you work or it can run on 2 AA batteries for more portability. By using a personal diffuser you can keep it close to you while you’re working or reading and it will help you maintain focus. It also means you can use your peppermint essential oil quickly for focus when you move to your office at home if you’ve been using another essential oil in a diffuser in your living room.

  • Grazes

    Use peppermint oil mixed with a carrier oil on minor skin grazes as an antiseptic.

    When my kids fall and graze their knees there is often very little injury, but if the skin is broken even the slightest bit I rub on the peppermint oil and it helps to keep it clean and heal faster. Sometimes I use tea tree oil as a spray instead and it works just as effectively.

    One of my kids loves the smell of tea tree oil so I always use it on him. But I know many people don’t like the smell of it. If you’re one of these people, be sure to keep peppermint oil handy instead.

    And even when your little one’s knee isn’t scraped too badly, a spray or rub of peppermint can help them to feel like something has been done about their “ouch”. It really does help.

  • Nausea

    To help relieve nausea, inhale some peppermint oil.

    I like to use peppermint on an essential oil bracelet.

    I tend to keep one of my aromatherapy bracelets separate to only use with peppermint.

    If I’m lacking sleep and I’m suffering from stress I tend to experience nausea (and for other reasons too at different times). This is why I often use the peppermint essential oil on an aromatherapy bracelet like this one with the lava beads to place the oil. It’s easy to slip on and off.

    I think it helps if you choose a bracelet that appeals to you. Choose the colors you like to help soothe. (If you click on the image on the right you can see other colors too). I like the turquoise color because I think it goes nicely with the peppermint scent.

  • Congestion

    Add peppermint essential oil to a humidifier to help relieve nasal congestion.

    If you or one of the kids is suffering from congestion, you should try using peppermint. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil if you like it.

    This is a natural remedy to help with the congestion.

    If you want to run a diffuser at night you’ll want one that holds enough water to operate for several hours. This diffuser is very popular because it gives you up to 6 hours run time and it has an automatic shut off when the water runs out.

    Some of the larger humidifiers recommend not adding any essential oils to their water. I assume the humidifier can’t cope with anything other than water. If you need a new diffuser for overnight, try the one shown in the image (the image is clickable for more details).

  • Room Spray

    Make a room spray with a few drops of peppermint oil and tea tree oil with a cup of water to disinfect door handles, kids toys, and lots of other items around the house.

    I regularly use this type of spray on younger children’s toys. Plastic and wooden toys have survived a regular spray. I don’t spray heavily. You don’t need to soak the toy with the liquid. Just give a good even spray over the surface and you’ll be happy you did.

    If anyone in the family is sick with colds or flu I always spray the door handles and cupboard handles with this mix of peppermint and tea tree oil. It not only fights germs on surfaces but also helps to make your home smell fresh when there’s sickness about.

  • Air Freshener

    Make an all-natural air freshener by placing 4 drops peppermint essential oil, 4 drops orange essential oil and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract into 6 oz water and place in a spray bottle, shake before use.

    Once you take a look at the ingredients in commercial air fresheners, you’ll be running a mile away from them. Those substances are the last thing you want in your home for yourself or your family.

    It’s so easy to make a natural air freshener using peppermint and other essential oils. You can experiment with different scents and add them in different quantities to customize the aroma in your home.

    I often ask my children what they like too. They can tell the difference between different scents and they definitely have their own opinions on what they like. They mostly tend to like more orange essential oil in the blend.

Even if you use just one of these ideas to add peppermint essential oil to your home, you’ll be glad you did. I’ve found peppermint to be so useful. I’m not sure what I used to do without it. And if you and your family love the scent of peppermint it can really help to use it around your home.

Peppermint Oil Pin

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